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Industrial Communication Accessories

Filters & Surge Protection

 PartNumberDescriptionList Price ($US)LeadTime (Days)
03-3621A02Kit Cavity Filter For 9790 w/small Int Dupl - 3 Conn Chassis (03-3621A02)$1,053.0020
03-3621A03Kit 2 Cavity Filter For 9790 w/Internal BandPass Duplexer (03-3621A03)$1,037.0020
03-3621A06Kit 3 Cavity Filter For 9790 BandPass w/ Internal BandPass Duplexer (03-3621A06)$1,975.0020
20-2822A02Bandpass Filter 902-927MHz 26MHz (20-2822A02)$578.0030
 PartNumberDescriptionList Price ($US)LeadTime (Days)
02-1822A02Combiner Kit Master 24MHz Split (02-1822A02)$8,893.5020
03-3665A01Combiner Kit Master 9/24MHz Split (03-3665A01)$3,701.0020
03-3665A02Combiner Kit Master 9/31MHz Split (03-3665A02)$3,990.0020
20-1145A01Combiner RF Splitter (20-1145A01)$87.0050
Surge Protection
 PartNumberDescriptionList Price ($US)LeadTime (Days)
97-1680A01Surge Protector 125-1,000MHz NF-NF Flange (97-1680A01)$58.7020
97-1680A02Surge Protector 125-1,000MHz NF-NM Flange (97-1680A02)$62.0030
97-1680A05Surge Protector 125-1,000MHz NF-NF Bulkhead (97-1680A05)$67.5020
97-1680A06Surge Protector 125-1,000MHz NF-NM Bulkhead (97-1680A06)$62.0020
97-1680A12Surge Protector DC-2.4GHz NF-NF Bulkhead (97-1680A12)$90.0015
97-1680A13Surge Protector DC-2.4GHz NM-NF Bulkhead (97-1680A13)$89.2815
97-1680A14Surge Protector 4.2-6GHz NF-NF Bulkhead (97-1680A14)$112.0060
97-1680A15Surge Protector 4.2-6GHz NM-NF Bulkhead (97-1680A15)$121.0060
97-1680A22Surge Kit - Ethernet Power and RF 10-30VDC w/TNC Conn (97-1680A22)$244.0040
97-1680A23Surge Protector 700MHz-2.7GHz NF-NF Bulkhead (97-1680A23)$95.0015
97-1680A24Surge Protector 700MHz-2.7GHz NM-NF Bulkhead (97-1680A24)$112.6040
97-1680A25Surge Protector Mnt Bulkhead to Flange (97-1680A25)$11.0040
97-1680A26Surge Protector 800MHz-2.5GHz NF-NF Flange to Bulkhead (97-1680A26)$127.0040
97-1680A28Surge Protector 2-6GHz NF-NF Bulkhead (97-1680A28)$48.0030
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