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Protection & Control
Special Function/Control

C90Plus Controller
  • Advanced automation & control and high accuracy digital fault recording.
  • Specifically designed for the unique automation requirements of utilities, substation environments and industrial power systems.
C60 Breaker Protection System
  • Integrated breaker monitoring and control for substation automation.
  • Provides a complete integrated package for the protection, control, and monitoring or circuit breakers within a substation.
C30 Controller System
  • Substation hardened, relay grade programmable logic controller.
  • Designed to act as a substation hardened programmable logic controller that can expand the I/O capability of protection devices and replace existing Sequence of Events (SOE) Recorders.
C650 Bay Control & Monitoring System
  • Advanced automation controller.
  • High density, programmable I/O (up to 192 digital inputs and 48 digital outputs).
N60 Network Stability and Synchrophasor Measurement System
  • Load shedding, remedial action and special protection schemes.
  • Flexible device intended for the development of load shedding and special protection schemes.
DGT Distributed Generation Trip Control
  • Enables fast and secure disconnect of renewable energy generators from the electrical power grid.
  • Delivers secure, swift and long distance transfer trip capabilities for enhanced safety, utmost reliability and maximum asset protection.
CIO Remote CAN I/O Module
  • Remote CAN Bus Input/Output module for the 650 Family of relays.
  • Provides additional input and output capabilities for the Multilin 650 family of relays.
MIV II Voltage/Frequency Protection System
  • Three-phase and ground voltage protection relay.
  • Provides voltage, frequency or voltage and frequency protection for a wide range of applications.
MIW II Directional Power Protection System
  • Directional power and loss of field protection for generators.
  • Provides directional power and loss of field protection for generators of any size.
MIN II Ground Protection System
  • Complete numerical ground directional protection.
  • Provides directional protection on distributed networks.
RRTD Remote RTD Module
  • Remote temperature monitoring of RTDs for metering and protection.